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At WorkComp360 we network and partner with some of the top PEOs nationwide.
We use the Economies-of-Scale leverage to negotiate better terms for your business reducing your monthly cost up to 30%

Workers Compensation

At WorkComp360, we partner with carriers and insurance companies to chart out a unique Workers’ Compensation coverage …

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You should actively consider using a payroll processing service if you have a growing business and want accurate and error-free reporting…

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Human Resource

With changing local, state, and federal labor regulations, it has become pertinent for business to stay on top of their game with regards to human resource compliance …

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Employee Benefits

When you want the best balance of comprehensive and cost effective benefits for your employees, checking out your options with a PEO might not be a bad idea …

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of small to medium-sized business owners recommend PEOs to their peers


of companies with a PEO are happy with their health benefits, compared to only approx 40% that don’t have  PEO.


believe their PEO is a key differentiator when recruiting talent.


more time is saved by companies with a PEO versus those who don’t.


 growth rate enjoyed by PEO industry for the last six years.

Reduced Rates

Saving you money on a necessity.  


Pay As You Go

Cost calculated based on your exact no. of employees

Audits and Claims Management

PEO also handles any and all of your workers’ compensation claims

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Workers Compensation

Every company that has employees is required by law to have workers’ compensation Insurance. It’s vital that your employees are classified correctly and that you have the correct coverage in place — a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) helps you accomplish this and more.

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